Hands-On Canadian History: First Nations Inspired Art

Pre-European Canada was full of cultural groups of varying native communities. Peoples like the Iroquois, Inuit, Algonquin, Blackfoot, and Haida, amongst many others, were this nations first peoples. Today these people are still proud of their heritage. Traditions and culture of the First Nations people are rich and vibrant, their stories are beautiful and wise, and the […]

When Art Attacks: A Round Up of Ideas to Help You Manage Your Child’s Art

It’s not that I don’t love my kids’ art work. Not at all! In fact, I love nothing more than seeing my little one with watercolour brush in hand and a dreamy look in her eye. The act of creating art is a regular occurrence in our house and as a result, the above photo […]

Resources to Teach Your Kids About … Photography

Pass a kid a camera and they love to take pictures of their world. Photography is a fun and exciting topic to teach your kids. Here are some resources to help them perfect their photo taking skills. This post may contain affiliate links. Lessons Photography Unit Study by Cindy Downes on How to Homeschool Today 31 […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music for Preschool Children

Back to school season is all about fresh starts and what better way to start the day fresh than with some classical music for you and your preschool child? In our house, the day is framed by classical and jazz. We open with classical music at breakfast and close with jazz at dinner. It is […]

The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team Presents : Art

Arts & Crafts

Art can be a challenging subject to teach, especially if you don’t feel like it is a skill you excel at. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences teaching art and how to incorporate it into their every day learning. Alison – Homeschool Art Without a Curriculum Many homeschoolers feel under qualified in […]

Performing Arts in the Homeschooling Curriculum

As a homeschooling project, our family volunteered to help out with props and set design of our church’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Our pastor, the director, had graduated with a degree in theatre arts and our organist, an accomplished musician, was named musical director. The Board allotted several thousand dollars to the budget, so […]

Canada Colouring Sheets

I wanted to share with you a few websites that have Canada focused colouring sheets. Great for studies of our country (like The Canadian Adventure!), celebrating Canada Day, or even just for fun. Crayola Props to Crayola for providing us with our own specific colouring sheets! Included in the collection are provincial sheets. These are […]

When you hear the name Crayola, you think of arts and crafts supplies: crayons, markers, paint, paper. But maybe you should also think of resources for teaching art. is specifically designed to support teachers help their students unleash their creativity through products, lesson plans, and other professional resources. Products Since Crayola is so well-known for […]

Art Lessons with

Ted Harrison in an artist who lived in the Canadian territory of the Yukon. His art uses a lot of bright colours and lines. Spending some time looking at his work with my children, we made some interesting observations. Most of the painting feature a round sun somewhere in the sky and jagged lines running […]