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Today, I welcome my new review and resource sharing partner, Lee from Homeschool Canada. She lives in BC, where I live in ON, so together we can cover a higher number of homeschooling businesses to bring you everything you can! Below is her first review – of Apple Press Publishing. Welcome aboard, Lee!

I was honoured when Apple Press Publishing sent me copies of two of their workbooks to use with my children. I hadn’t realized at first that I actually have a lot of the titles from Apple Press and have used them throughout my 6 years of homeschooling numerous times.

Apple Press Publishing publishes social studies materials, mostly about Canada, with an emphasis on map skills. At present, they have 32 titles. Although they do not have a web site, their books are distributed through a number of Canadian school supply companies throughout the country.

mapbookThe first one of the workbooks they sent me was “My Very First Primary Map Book” which is aimed for Kindergarten to Grade 2. The summary on the back of the book is as follows:
This easy-to-use activity book develops map literacy by teaching beginning readers the ABC’s of maps. Four fundamental map concepts are introduced: shape, symbols, position and direction. The imaginative topics will appeal to young people – cartoon –like animals and fairy tales with a twist! At the bottom of the page is a unique “Teacher Zone.” It offers meaningful activity extensions as well as specific learning outcomes deepen understanding.”


What I liked about this book is that it engaged my children right away. The lessons weren’t long and wordy and they were easy to follow. I always like books that my kids love to do and that doesn’t feel like a chore while at the same time I know that learning is happening. I also liked the fact that in the contents they broke it up into four learning section so if you wanted to supplement with other activities you could but not once did I feel the need too. The cute characters in the lessons were a fun aspect to the books and my children loved coming up with names for the characters. The section on signs got them asking questions about other signs when we were out in the communities and got them excited about signs they knew from their lessons.

communityThe second book we used was called “Our Community.”

“What is a community and how does it satisfy the needs of its members? This easy-to-follow activity book emphasizes the social and a physical need of citizens in a community relates those concepts the everyday lives of primary students. The role of cooperation, rules and responsibility are highlighted within the four sections: Community Needs, Community Places, Community Workers and Living and Working together.”

This was a great way to introduce communities to my children. It talks about what makes a community, things communities need as well as who works in our community to make it functional. There are lots of illustrations for my kids to colour in which always adds to their fun in learning. I particularly liked how they included a section on being a good citizen. We so often forget to remind and teach our children that there is more we are responsible for beyond just our home and that we can help take care of our community in so many different ways.

I don’t have anything negative to say about either of these books. I love the fact that they don’t come with lesson plans so it’s easy to teach and engages the children in all areas. Both of them are simply laid out yet keep my kids interested throughout the whole book and have started conversations about their community and mapping.

I would recommend these 2 books to anyone, anytime!! Thank you Apple Press!


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  1. I am trying to track down a table of contents for the My Very First Primary Map Book and can’t seem to find one on the internet at all. Do you have any idea where I could look? Thanks : )

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