“All Across Canada” eBook

June 2013: This book is no longer free to download. It looks like it’s around $2 for a digital copy through Amazon, and $18 for a print copy.

Here is a FREE resource to add to your homeschool collection – it’s a downloadable e-Book called “All Across Canada” which features a group of delightful animated characters as they share about different regions of Canada. Full of colour and pictures – this book is a keeper as you teach your children about Canada.

The authors, Ken Yoffe and Edith Weisburg, have put together their website to share their publications free to homeschooling families and public schools.

In addition to the book about Canada, you can also download 2 other books in the same series called, “All Across China” and “All Across Europe.” There are other books available on the site – some for sale and some for download.

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