Alberta Curriculum Checklists

Although not every homeschooling family chooses to use the Alberta curriculum learning outcomes as a guideline for what they are going to learn for the year, some people like to know their child is following along in a similar learning pattern to their publicly schooled peers. The outcomes are shared on the government’s education website :

The only downside to the website is that it’s not very user-friendly and easy to follow along if you want to see an overview of each individual grade.

So, now you can download a single PDF file in a checklist format for easy reference and guidance based on the curriculum outcomes up to August 2020 to cover math, science and technology, language arts, social studies, the arts, health and physical education, and core French (where applicable) for each grade. The goal was to make it simple for you to look over, understand, and check off what your child has learned or is working on.


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9 thoughts on “Alberta Curriculum Checklists”

    1. Hey there. Thanks for the suggestion. Given that Alberta seems to be thinking of making changes to their curriculum guidelines – at this point, we are going to wait and see before we add anything like kindergarten checklists. Sorry!

  1. Just a heads up – the science curriculum has changed for K-3 for this year. The new curriculum has been posted on learnalberta! Thanks so much for these, they are invaluable.

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