What do you love about “not back to school shopping?”

Deb and I were just having a conversation about how fun it is to not have to follow the standard public school lists of supplies your kids ‘MUST’ have to succeed in the school.  And then just to have them lost, borrowed, break, not be right etc.

So we came up with some things that we love about not having to shop by someone’s designated list.

– the kids can use their back packs over and over again (if of course they even have one) each year without having to worry about it “not being cool” that year.  Justin Bieber anyone?

–  the crayons and pencil crayons get shorter and shorter each year to the point it becomes a “how short can we make this one” competition

– we can buy the 24 pack of pencil crayons versus the 12 pack that they want and everyone can share the 24 pack (well in some households anyways)

– you usually don’t end up with all blue and red felts cause the rest got mixed up somewhere

– don’t even get us started on the amount of money we save on clothes because shopping at the local Thrift Shop is actually cool at our school (and besides most of the time school at our houses are done in our pajamas)

– not having to buy indoor shoes and outdoor shoes or shoes that don’t have black soles that mark the floors (bare feet, socks or slippers only allowed in our school please)

– the stinky, smelly lunch kit that you just end up throwing out because no matter how many times you wash it there is still something growing in there (what did we pack in that kids lunch?)

– and finally the prices we save because who cares if we don’t have our stuff by Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 9 am!!

Just thought we’d share our funny conversation and ask you what your favourite part about Not Going Back To School Shopping Is?

Lee and Deb


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