Think with Art – A Critical Thinking and Art Subscription Box

artArt can be a tricky subject to teach if you aren’t a very artistic person. That’s why I’m excited about the new subscription box, Think with Art. Designed by the creators of Creation Crate, this package brings a whole art lesson to your door every month. We had the opportunity to test out the first box.

Think with Art Subscription Box

When the box arrived, we opened it up curious about what it contained. There were supplies, a sketchbook, and a little booklet with an intro to Mr. Toffee – the company’s little mascot cat – and a lesson about how to use watercolours.

At first, my non-art lovers weren’t keen on doing an art project, but one night when they were all more energetic than usual, I pulled it out and we got to work.

Think With Art Box #1 Review

This kit focuses on learning the techniques behind using watercolours, the idea of landscape design, and also on creative thinking. Mr. Toffee wants to go on a trip, but he’s scared to use a car, a plane, or a boat. How can he go see the world? You have to come up with a method of transportation.

Step One: Design a Landscape. 

Using either the Crayola Watercolour pencil crayons (which honestly are some of my favourite art supplies!) or the watercolour paints, you use the supplied paper and make your landscape. I love that the two boys and I all chose to do something different. I created mountains, one made an ocean, and the other had a lot of sky with a small bit of land and water. It was fun to design. Now, to leave it overnight to dry.

Step Two: Plan Transportation. 

Next, while your painting dries, you can use the idea sketchbook to practice drawing Mr. Toffee, and come up with a doodle of what your transportation method is going to look like. I love that the lesson book has detailed, simple shape-based instructions on how to draw Mr. Toffee. It’s a great way to see how art is a lot of shapes that work together. The ideas that we came up with funny. One of the boys suggested we make a car that flies and floats – effectively putting all of Mr. Toffee’s fears into a single vehicle! Poor Mr. Toffee. But with some more prompting and thinking, the ideas were wider and more exciting.

Step Three: Combine. 

Now that your painting is dry, you add your transportation device to it. Just draw it on top of the art. It was totally fun. Here are the results.

Mine: I decided to make Mr. Toffee explore the Rocky Mountains by bouncy shoes!

Think With Art - My project for Box #1

Kid: He made the ocean and then created a 2 panel story. Side one is plain. Mr. Toffee has discovered a mysterious portal and thinks maybe if he goes through that he will discover an amazing new house on the other side. He enthusiastically jumps through. Instead of a house….. he falls into the ocean. Oops!

Think with Art - Samuel

We had a lot of fun doing art together. I’m not sure what the challenge is in box #2, but I’ve heard it involves a canvas tote bag……

These boxes are intended for kids ages 6 to 10, but even I enjoyed it as an adult. The goal of these kits is not only to help teach art techniques but also provide a unique way for kids to develop critical thinking skills.

The cost starts at $29.99US/month – and is less per month if you buy a longer subscription.

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Find out more or order your Think With Art subscription box at

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