Posts from the Canadian Homeschool Blogging TeamCanada’s homeschooling community consists of such an amazing variety of people who live in so many different places that I was excited by the idea of building a team of homeschooling bloggers from across the country.

Ranging from 2nd generation homeschoolers to just starting out, from BC to Nova Scotia to the Yukon, this eclectic mix of writers are working hard to share their insights and experiences.

Each month, we’ll be working on a specific topic, and you’ll find everyone’s posts all gathered together here on The Canadian Homeschooler. We have a few other great ideas in mind and hope that we will all be able to have a lot of fun and share our homeschooling community.

We invite you to Meet the Team.

Below is a list of the posts that we’ve written. Enjoy!

  • Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team Introduction For 2015, I’m excited to be building a great new network – The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team. The team consists of a group of homeschooling bloggers from across the country, each with their own experiences and unique points of view. Throughout the year, the team will be blogging on a variety of topics, and at the end of the month, I will gather up all their great wisdom to share with you all. We’ve got a lot of great things planned and hope you will enjoy them! Here are the members of the team so far:   Amber: In Northern Ontario, Amber has been homeschooling her ... Read more
  • Homeschooling Through the Winter Winter in most parts of Canada tends to be at the very least cold, if not snowy and freezing. It can be easy to lose momentum over these winter months, especially when homeschooling. This month, each member of our Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is sharing their ideas and experiences of how to homeschool through the winter. Tammy – 6 Sanity Strategies for Homeschooling in the Winter The biggest challenge for me with homeschooling in the winter is finding good strategies to not only survive, but thrive during the winter months. After 9 years of homeschooling these are my top 6 sanity strategies for homeschooling ... Read more
  • Favourite Canadian Books Favourite Canadian BooksThere are so many great authors and books from across our country. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is sharing their favourite Canadian books. Debbie – West Word Kids: Favorite Canadian Authors When Connor was about 4 years old he became terrified of storms. I searched for books about Thunderstorms, at his level, and I found Franklin and the Thunderstorm, by Canadian author, Paulette Bourgeois. We read it each time a storm came (which is fairly often here in the summer months.) I just adore this book as a way to talk about storms in a relatable way for the little ... Read more
  • A Virtual Field Trip Across Canada Canada is a country filled with amazing diversity and beauty. From mountains to prairies, urban explosion to rural farm lands, castles and cathedrals to lighthouses and green gables. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is giving you a virtual tour of recommended places to visit around where they each live. Come join us on a journey through our provinces. Rebecca – Virtual Field Trip in the Thompson Okanagan Want to go on a virtual field trip through BC with your kids? Come and explore beautiful British Columbia along with my family. We will take you on a virtual field trip ... Read more
  • How We Have Fun in Our Homeschool How We Have Fun in Our HomeschoolWhen homeschooling, it can get challenging to get past the “to-do” lesson plan and find a way to have fun in our days. This month, the blogging team is excited to share how they incorporate fun into their homeschooling adventures. Alison – A FUNdamental Education! Our relaxed, year round schedule of home education lends itself well to ensuring that there is much fun being had at our house! We love to be able to “drop everything” whenever there is something interesting or fun going on, but there is also much enjoyment in our relaxed days while we are at home following our regular ... Read more
  • Choosing Homeschool Curriculum Choosing Homeschool CurriculumThis month the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team has put together posts on the hows, whys and whats behind the adventure of choosing their curricula each year. Rebecca – 5 Questions to ask Before Choosing Curriculum How to choose curriculum can be one of the most stressful aspects of homeschooling! If you have ever been to a homeschool convention and seen the rows of tables FILLED with curriculum, you may have felt completely overwhelmed at where to start! Every homeschool mom you talk to has a different program they love and it is difficult (if not seemingly impossible) to know ahead of time if ... Read more
  • Canada Day Activities & Resources Canada Day Activities & ResourcesOh, Canada – it’s almost our birthday! This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team has compiled a great collection of Canada Day Activities and Resources to share with you. Alison – Celebrating Canada – Lapbooking Through the Provinces of Canada Canada Day is one of our family’s favourite holidays! We usually celebrate by dressing the part and attending local festivities. This year we are having some extra fun by adding some activities to our studies as well! Come see what we’ve been up to and get your own Lapbooking Through the Provinces Lapbook to work through with your kids too! Bonnie – Canada Day Activities ... Read more
  • 5 days of Canadiana Roundup This month, the team was challenged to create a 5 days of Canadiana – picking a subject and sharing about it for a whole week. The uniqueness of this theme is that everyone picked something completely different and that’s amazing. Here are the links to our 5 day series.   Read more
  • Dear Homeschool Mom or Dad…. Letters from us in the field. Dear Homeschool Mom or Dad - letters from us in the fieldDear Homeschool Mom or Dad, How is your journey going? Is today a good day? A rough day? An amazing day? The day you want to throw in the towel? Do you feel alone or love the support around you? Are you looking for ideas or feel overwhelmed by all the options out there? Is there an excited gleam in your child’s eyes, or are they shooting daggers? Have you figured this thing out? Trust me. You are not alone out there. Today, several other homeschoolers are writing letters to you, to themselves, to anyone who needs to hear. Years of experience speak ... Read more
  • Getting Hands-On With Learning Some things are just learned better when you get in there and try it for yourself. This month, a few of the blogging team have put posts together to share their ideas on how to get hands-on with learning. Alison – Hands on Learning With Science Do you struggle with getting around to doing science experiments and projects with your kids? I sure do. My biggest struggle has been with planning — you might be surprised at how many “common, household materials” are not common in my home. In the past, we’ve missed out on simple science projects that require a paper cup, ... Read more
  • Get Your Homeschool Organized Tips Homeschool Organization Tips - from the Canadian Homeschool Blogging TeamThis month has been all about organization and getting things settled in our homeschool homes. With that in mind, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team are sharing their great tips and experiences to help everyone get organized!   Alexandra – How I Stay Organized in Our Homeschool Over the last 10 years of homeschooling, I have tried many different organization systems, from Homeschool Tracker to trying to set up a homeschool room in a basement! I have learned what works for us, and now that I only homeschool one child, it is even more simple. Alison – How to Use the Library Without Paying a Fortune in Fines Library ... Read more
  • Homeschoolers In The Community homeschoolers in the communityHow do you, as a homeschooling family, take advantage of the community around you? This onth, the team shares their ideas on how they use the resources in their communities.   Alison – Strength in Numbers: Getting Involved in Your Homeschool Community One of your greatest assets and support for homeschooling your children can be found in your local homeschooling community — find out why and how to get involved with other local homeschoolers! Annette – Foodbank Detail Almost every week my boy and I head down to the Foodbank to spend three hours helping out. It’s a regular event for us, it gives us a chance ... Read more
  • Conference Chat Sessions Sharing Areas of Expertise in these Conference ChatsUsually in the spring, there are several conferences that homeschoolers can attend. These conferences typically include an exhibitor hall where you can go see, check out, touch, and buy curricula and other materials. But one of the main attractions are the sessions – where speakers are invited to come share on a topic of their expertise. This month, I asked the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team to write about something as if they were invited to speak at a conference. Enjoy their great posts. Annette – Animals Help Us Learn Animals help us learn in so many different ways, it’s rather amazing if ... Read more
  • A Word From The Students The Homeschool Student VoiceWhen we talk about homeschooling, parents often talk about the pros and the cons, the reasons they homeschool, what that looks like in their family, the curriculum they use, etc. But – a key thing is missing….. what do the KIDS think of being homeschooled? This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team asked their kids to share. Bonnie – Two Homeschool Students Share Their Experience Here’s what Lily and Sunshine had to say when I asked them about being homeschool students. Crystal – Things I Love About Homeschooling – From a 5-Year-Old I thought it would be interesting for the children to write down what they ... Read more
  • Summer Learning Summer LearningJust because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you can’t learn anything. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team are sharing their ideas to learn through the summer. Bonnie – Summer Learning Ideas Summer can mean just as much of a break for homeschooling moms as it does for their kids. We don’t face the same fear as school parents about having our kids home all the time suddenly. Yet just because school is out doesn’t mean that the learning is over. As homeschoolers, we know learning happens all the time, even when there aren’t any books involved. So here are my favourite ... Read more
  • School Spaces Want to take a glimpse into the school rooms of other homeschoolers? Here’s your chance to take a tour. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share insight into the spaces they do their schooling. Bonnie – Our Homeschool Room Our homeschool room is our dining room. When it’s time for school, we just pull out books and sit down to work, then clear them off later to have lunch or supper. Alison – Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom We don’t have a “schoolroom”. You can walk through every room in my home, and you will not see any alphabet posters, 100’s charts, or “learning centres”. It’s ... Read more
  • Tech in the Homeschool Classroom Tech in the Homeschool ClassroomTechnology is a wonderful gift in the homeschooling world – access to more information than any generation before us! This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share how they use technology in their homeschool. Leanne – 4 ways we use technology for French I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love the way it has opened up different avenues for learning all kinds of things (including French and other languages), but I hate the way it’s so easy to get sucked into it and have it take over our lives. In order to get the tech-benefits without the vortex effect, we ... Read more
  • Learning Outside the Box The beautiful thing about homeschooling is that you can do things your own way, a different way, a unique way – something that works for you, your family, and the children you teach. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares some of their ideas for learning outside the box. Annette – STEM and More Fridays Doing things differently, helps my lad learn. Doing STEM is fun!  Jennifer – How to Use Learning Provocations in Your Homeschool How do you get your kids enthused about learning?! You can make learning especially exciting with learning provocations! Get the what, why, and how of this delightful way ... Read more
  • Homeschool Math Advice Math. Whether the word fills you with excitement or dread, we all teach it in our homeschools. This month, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences and advice surrounding math.   Kimberly – Delay Formal Math? Are you unsure about how to handle math with your child? Does paper and pencil math move them (and you) to tears? When does your child need to begin formal math instruction? Kindergarten/Primary? Grade 1? Or can they begin even later? You might be surprised to learn that in our homeschool, formal math instruction began around Grade 4 age. Annette – Practical Math My son and I have ... Read more
  • Homeschool Spelling Advice SpellingIs spelling an important thing to teach in our homeschool? This month, some of the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences with spelling. Jen – Reasons Why I Think Kids Should Learn To Spell There are many life skills that are no longer required in public school as I learned that day in talking with her. Some of these are also not required in homeschool. They are required in MY school. One of these is spelling. Alison – Spelling: Ditching What Doesn’t Work and Finding What Does I must say that I was totally wrong in believing that a child who reads well, loves ... Read more

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