Teaching Homeschool French

French is a typical part of a Canadian homeschooling plan. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences, suggestions, and reviews of French in their schools.


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Leanne – How to do French Immersion at home in 3 simple steps

Things did not go smoothly at first. I tried to do what I thought they did in French immersion at school – switch to French all at once and assume the kids would catch on because they are young. Nope, didn’t work. What did work were the following 3 steps, implemented gradually over time.
Netflix’s search engine is a bit of a pain. So, if you’re looking for French content on Netflix, let me save you some trouble, and give you the list of 17 kids’ shows that I found that have French audio available on Netflix Canada.

 Alison – Getting Started With French {Review}

As a Canadian living in a bilingual environment, I have always wanted to be able to teach my children to speak French. But without a formal course of study, our efforts have not been very productive — so I was happy to have recently had the opportunity to try out Armfield Academic Press’ Getting Started with French program.

Tamara – A Simple French Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Suddenly I remembered reading about the Gouin Series method that Charlotte Mason used in her schools. Could the new trendy French program that I read about have anything in common with a teaching method that was developed over 100 years ago? Maybe the Gouin Series would give me a more cost-effective, homeschooler-friendly way to apply some of the same principles.
I live in a bilingual country. Canada. Here we officially speak English and French. Canadian French is different than France French, but it’s still French so when this review came up I jumped on it. I’ve been wanting my lad to learn another language and was waffling between this and Latin, so this easily made the decision for me and we’re learning French.

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