DK Find Out!

Kids are naturally curious learners and given the opportunity, will absorb information when it appeals to them. Here’s a great way to encourage both intentional and incidental learning. New from DK is a creative new website called DK Find Out, designed to help kids learn neat facts and information such as volcanoes, animals, space, math, […]

10 Free Science Websites To Expand Your Science Lessons

  Here are 10 free science websites full of resources, experiments, printables, activities, lesson plans and more to expand your children’s science learning experiences.  Let’s Talk Science – This terrific initiative helps kids to learn and love Science. There are different areas to branch out to, such as CurioCity – for teens and IdeaPark – for […]

Utterly Amazing Science

Sometimes, you just find a book that your kid sneaks upstairs at bedtime along with a flashlight. It’s an added bonus when that book is one that is educational. Here’s the book that my 10 year old hasn’t let go of since it came into our home: Utterly Amazing Science. No matter what age you […]

Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre is located in Toronto, Ontario. Behind its doors lay a series of exhibits, workshops, and programs designed to encourage a passion for science. From outside the front entrance to the moment you leave, you are always learning. Once you step inside (or manage to pull the kids away from the outside […]

solaro study guides


Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Castle Rock Research, has created Solaro – a learning tool that is available in both a print and digital format. I’m excited to be able to share with you a great new partnership with this company to offer you an amazing discount on either option! The Print Books These books are […]

Education for Sustainable Resources in Homeschool

Bringing Education for Sustainable Resources to the Homeschool Classroom

Few can argue that we are rapidly altering the basic physiology of the planet. Resource depletion, environmental degradation and an increasing frequency of violent weather events are clear indicators of the ecological thresholds humans are crossing. Given these warning signs, what should be the response of education? What content and pedagogy are appropriate if as […]

Let's Talk Science

Why Science Matters

Science surrounds us. It is everywhere and affects us every day. The importance of science in our daily lives may not be immediately obvious, but if you examine your routine, you’ll find you’re regularly making science-based choices. For example, consider the food you eat (do you choose organic); products you use (do you consider their environmental impact); […]

Teach Your Kids About Motion – Resources on the Laws of Motion

Sir Issac Newton introduced us to the Laws of Motion – the idea of how things move. Below are some resources to teach your kids about motion and how it works. Lessons How Stuff Works: Laws of Motion How to Teach Newton’s Laws of Motion in Elementary School Newton’s First Law  |  Second Law   […]

DK Eyewitness Books

This month marks the 25th anniversary of DK’s extremely popular Eyewitness Series of books. These books are full of information and gorgeous photographs – amazing non-fiction resources for every day learning! New to us here in North America, this series is being released in Paperback, with completely revamped cover photography and and fresh new look […]