Learning About Aerodynamics with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This month with Little Passports’ Science Expeditions kit, we got to explore Aerodynamics. When the kit arrived, we started guessing what would be inside the box. For sure, we thought there were going to be paper airplanes. Eagerly my science kid opened it up and we were surprised – no […]

Learning About Vision & Optics with Science Expeditions

This post contains affiliate links. This year, Little Passports asked our family to try out their Science Expeditions monthly subscription box. Box #1 was really neat, with experiments about Forensic Science – such as extracting DNA, studying fingerprints, and examining blood splatters. The second box is about Vision and Optics – how our eyes work […]

Science Expeditions – A Kit from Little Passports {Review}

This post contains affiliate links. Little Passports have been bringing the joy of world geography through monthly subscription boxes for a few years now. Now, they offer a new kind of learning experience with their Science Expeditions monthly kit. We got to try out the first kit. It kit arrived in our mailbox in a […]

Teach Kids Rocketry

Teach Your Kids About Model Rockets and Rocketry

Model Rocketry is a fun and exciting activity. Not only can you spend the time to build and launch your rocket, but you can also learn so much about real rockets and space travel. Here are some great resources to learn more about rocketry. Model Rockets We were excited to work with AllRocketEngines.ca who gave […]

Canada’s Forests Teaching Kits

In Canada, our forests are some of our richest resources.   The Canadian Forestry Association has created a series of 8 Forestry teaching kits designed to help kids learn the value of forests and taking care of them. Available in both English and French, they include the following units: Volume 1: Canada’s Forests — Learning […]

Get Back Outside: David Suzuki Foundation

Kids love nature. Our job as learning facilitators is to nurture that love into a caring passion for the environment around them. The David Suzuki Foundation has put together a series of teacher guides to help make that possible with their Get Back Outside project. There are 4 guides: The Kindergarten book has 4 lessons […]

Agriculture in Canada Lessons

Agriculture in Canada

What happens to tomato seeds that have been in space? Do they grow the same as seeds that have only been on Earth? Can astronauts grow food in space to sustain a long-term space voyage to Mars? That’s one question that the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Students’ Corner aims to answer – at the Tomatosphere […]

Learning About Wildlife: Zoos and Aquariums

Here in Canada we have some quality zoos and aquariums that allow us the opportunity to learn about animals that we otherwise would probably never get to experience or see in our lives. Most zoos are intended to educate people about the creatures in their care. If you have an animal lover in your home, […]

Pet Care Printables

Pets Worksheets {printable}

Pets can be an important part of a family. Whether it’s something small – like a hampster, or something huge, like a dog, they all seem to have a special place in our hearts. This printable helps you research more about pets and pet care. Inspired by my son’s attempt to work on his Cub […]