Prodigy – A Math RPG Game

Update – May 2013: There have been some major updates made to this game over the last few months. Check out my recent post on what’s new

November 2012: The designers of the game have done some great updates to the game – making it more of an RPG exploration style. Now the trial is now one week of full access to all the features of the game. After that, and for everyone, you can play every day for approximately 15 minutes max in limited game play. This allows everyone to access the game in some manner at least in part. Full membership includes all the extra features that they are working to create. The ideas they are working to develop sound exciting. 

SmarTeacher has created a game called Prodigy, which combines the subject of math with the exciting world of fantasy. Basically, your child makes a character which they are challenged to level up by encounters in either a wild forest or in an arena competition. In order to learn and use magic spells to defeat their opponents they have to answer math questions. Sucessful answers mean they can attack – and speed increases their damage power.

You can sign up for a free 15 day trial to see how the program works and how your kids enjoy it. My kids? LOVED it. They woke up every day for the whole 2 weeks and begged to play the math game. My oldest kept saying how much this game was amazing because it combined all his favourite things – Math and an RPG. Even my almost 5 year old got in on the adventure – working at the Grade 1 level.

The grade levels in the game are for Grade 1 through 5, and the math questions are progressive – making the questions more challenging. Problems like sequencing, addition, multiplication, medians and means, and other important parts of the math curriculum are included in the questions. Some were really hard and took some thought – so we used a math manipulative to help cement understanding of concepts so they could master them enough to move onto the next level.

Every time they defeat a monster or opponent, they win both experience points and gold. The experience points helps their character to level up, eventually moving up to new zones and areas. It’s not a super-fast leveling game, which is nice – meaning that the kids have to actually work to gain experience. The gold is used to buy gear and weapons at the store – which helped their character’s stats and damage potential.

Parents can log into the website and check up on what their children are learning and what skills they are mastering.

After talking with one of the designers of the program, it sounds like they have a lot of great ideas percolating behind the scenes to make the game even bigger and better! I’m excited about the directions they are thinking of taking the game. They love getting feedback and are excellent at listening to suggestions and recommendations.

Right now, a monthly membership per child is about $13, or you can buy a yearly or lifetime membership for $95 and $99 respectively. They are currently looking into the idea of a household membership, so homeschooling families with multiple kids can have a better cost-effective deal. Keep your eyes open for that.


To check out the game and get started, simply go to, sign up, download the game and get started!


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