Bullying Awareness Week: Learning Resources

Bullying is a serious, and far too prevalent problem. Each November, Bullying Awareness Week kicks off a campaign to help teach kids how to handle bullying in their schools and community. Here are some resources to help with anti-bullying lessons. 1. This is where it all started and where the main hub for the […]

Sex Education Resources

Teaching kids about how their bodies work and having the discussions around sex and reproduction is an important, though sometimes challenging, task. Here are some sex education resources to help you with this series of lessons: Teaching Sexual Health – created by Alberta educators and health professionals, this website includes complete lesson plans for Grades 4 […]

Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene

Teach Your Kids About … Dental Health

Teeth. They grow in, they fall out, they chew, they need to be brushed, they get checked by the dentist, and grow in again. Learning about taking care of teeth is important, especially since you need them for your whole life, so here are some resources to learn more. Lesson Plans Oral Health Curriculum – from […]

Food Journal for Kids {Printable}

Are you learning about the Canadian Food Guide and/or nutrition? Want to apply that learning to your life? Here’s a printable food journal for kids. Use this book to keep track of everything you eat and drink in a week. Pay attention to what food groups you are eating. Do you eat a balanced diet […]

Active for Life

How to Assess Your Child’s Physical Literacy

As homeschool parents, we want to make sure our children have a good grasp on the basics they will need in life. Usually, this means we focus on maths and reading – but have you thought about how motion and movement is a basic skill that they need? This post written by the AFL Team […]

beyond images

Beyond Images

The National Eating Disorder Information Center (NEDIC) has put together a series of curriculum materials and lesson plans to help teach kids about body image, media, friends, and self-esteem. This curriculum is called Beyond Images, and is completely free when you register on the site. Designed for use in a classroom of students in Grades […]

Active for Life


This week, we’ve been looking at glimpses of various ways that homeschooling families across Canada include physical education to their days. There have been some great photos of various sports teams, and creative ideas like trampolining, going for walks, and more. But, what ELSE can we do to get our kids (and ourselves!) moving. Introducing […]

Play it Safe!

The tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson in 2009 was a major wake-up call for a lot of people. Ms. Richardson was skiing on a beginner slope in ideal skiing conditions. She was participating in a private skiing lesson with a professional ski instructor. She was laughing and talking after the accident. When she was […]

Chalkboard Publishing

I recently went to the local teacher supply store and wandered around with a pen and paper, on the search for Canadian publishers and materials, games and toys. I was sadly disturbed by the lack of these products, but I did find a few great discoveries that I will share with you over the next […]