Learning Advantage

While I am not a homeschooling Mom for real, I play one on vacations and PA Days. Whether you are a homeschooling Mom or one that likes to supplement the kids learning you will appreciate the Learning Advantage and Summer Advantage books. These books came recommended at our kids school so I thought I would […]

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10 Educational Board Games

Trying to make learning more fun and hands-on? Why not play a board game? Here are 10+ great games to help your kids learning without them really even knowing it. 1. Scrabble or Bananagrams This classic board game focuses on spelling and words. Using the letters you have available, you create words in a crossword style […]

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Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Grade Books

If you are looking for Canadian based comprehensive curriculum books, check out this new series from Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Success. Covering the topics of Math, Language Skills, Reading Comprehension, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Cursive Writing, (depending on the level) these books are a great place to start and expand learning for each […]

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DK Find Out!

Kids are naturally curious learners and given the opportunity, will absorb information when it appeals to them. Here’s a great way to encourage both intentional and incidental learning. New from DK is a creative new website called DK Find Out, designed to help kids learn neat facts and information such as volcanoes, animals, space, math, […]

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solaro study guides


Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Castle Rock Research, has created Solaro – a learning tool that is available in both a print and digital format. I’m excited to be able to share with you a great new partnership with this company to offer you an amazing discount on either option! The Print Books These books are […]

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UberSmart Software

What I reviewed: UberSmart Math Facts  What is it? Math Facts Review Program from UberSmart Software  Who is it for? K-6+ How much is it? $24.95US Where can I find it? Tell me more: This math facts review program that offers a step-by-step review approach to the basic math facts: addition and subtraction (0-9), multiplication and division (0-12). Ubersmart is […]

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Learning Wrap-ups

What I reviewed: Full Online Family Subscription Learning Palette What is it? Math and Reading Review by Learning Wrap-Ups Who is it for? Grades K-5 How much is it? For 1 year: $25 for 1 user or $60 for up to 5 users Where can I find it? Tell me more: This website is an online version of a physical […]

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Teach Your Kids About…. Fractions

Understanding fractions can be tough. Today’s collection of resources is all about fractions, understanding what they are and how they work and what to do with them. There are a crazy amount of resources out there to help teach this concept, so if you can’t find what you need below, keep looking – I’m sure […]

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Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

Teachers Pay Teachers – Shelley Gray

Shelley Grey, is an early years teacher from Manitoba who is also a busy mom of three. She stays active in the teaching community by creating resources to help her fellow teachers succeed in the classroom. Multiplication Mastery is one of Shelley’s big programs. It actually includes 2 different versions. One covers multiplication facts to […]

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