The Homeschool Student Voice

A Word From The Students


When we talk about homeschooling, parents often talk about the pros and the cons, the reasons they homeschool, what that looks like in their family, the curriculum they use, etc. But – a key thing is missing….. what do the KIDS think of being homeschooled? This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team asked their kids […]

Homeschooling Gives Me Freedom to Follow My Passions


Hi – My name is Tanmay Bakshi, I’m 12 years old, I’m in the 7th grade, and I live just outside of Toronto, in Brampton, Canada. I loved my parents’ decision to homeschool me, because, well, I now have flexibility with my schedule. I can learn at my own pace, not too slow, or even […]

Canadian Curriculum List


People are always asking me for curriculum options for Canadians. That has been the goal of this blog – to share Canadian resources, but sometimes, a simple list is better. Here are some Canadian curriculum options for you to consider.   Preschool Come Sit By Me – Canadian picture book unit studies for kids ages 4-7. […]

Organize Your Homeschool in 20 days

Organize Your Homeschool in 20(ish) Days Challenge


Homeschooling paraphernalia is taking over my house! There’s papers, and markers, and paint, and workbooks cluttering nearly every corner and surface. After talking with some other homeschooling parents, I’ve learned that I’m not alone. It seems to be a potential epidemic! So, I’ve teamed up with Professional Organizer Margarita from to put together a […]

Why should you consider buying digital homeschool curriculum

7 Benefits to Using Digital Curriculum


Everything seems to be moving to more of a digital format, and that goes with homeschool curriculum as well. I know the appeal to see, touch, feel, and smell new books is hard to replace, but digital resources actually have a lot of great benefits. Benefits of Digital Curriculum Cost effective. Without the costs associated […]

Answering Homeschool Questions: In the voice of homeschool students


I love homeschooling and I love talking about it. Over the 9+ years I have been homeschooling, I have been asked many questions. I do notice that sometimes people want to know what the children think of homeschooling, and yet, they won’t ask the children themselves. So I sat down with my two children and […]

Homeschooling Reflections - CayR

Homeschooling: One Small Step for Me, One Giant Leap for Mom.


The year 2002. That was the year that changed our lives forever. Believe it or not, as a six year old little girl with a wild imagination and no capacity to sit still, I didn’t do very well in Grade 1. I came home with a big red C- written on my papers, loads of […]

I'm more than a homeschool survivor: a homeschool graduate story

I’m More Than a Homeschool Survivor


In September 1990, my twin brother and I started Grade 1 at home. After our Kindergarten year at a local school, my parents decided to homeschool us and that’s how we did school for the next twelve years. I don’t know all the reasons behind their decision, although the long bus-ride from our acreage into […]


Canadian Homeschooling Support Groups on Facebook


If you are looking to connect with homeschoolers in your local area or province (or even country wide), Facebook is a great place to do so. Here is a list of some of the groups I’ve found that you can join. Remember – these groups are often small and personal – so you will likely […]