Unit Study Planner

Creating Unit Studies {+Printable}

One approach to learning is to use unit studies. This all-encompassing, focused study uses resources from all areas of a curriculum whenever possible, and provides an in-depth learning experience. Often these studies start with a main resource book, dig into extras, involve hands-on where possible, and expand through many subjects such as math, language, history, […]

Why should you consider buying digital homeschool curriculum

7 Benefits to Using Digital Curriculum in Your Homeschool

This post uses affiliate links. Everything seems to be moving to more of a digital format, and that goes with homeschool curricula as well. I know the appeal to see, touch, feel, and smell new books is hard to replace, but digital curriculum actually has a lot of great benefits. Benefits of Digital Curriculum Cost […]

Plan A Homeschool Year: My Simple Method for an Entire Year of Plans

This post includes affiliate links. I’ve been talking with my friends lately about how I plan a homeschool year so that we could have a better and smoother year. I used to just kind of have a basic idea of what we were going to do with our year and then wing it – hoping […]

99 Acts of Kindness

The last few years, I’ve tried to promote a different way of thinking with my kids at Christmas. Instead of just being focused on gifts, and what material things they want to have, we’ve started a tradition of doing acts of kindness throughout the month for others. Each day we aim to accomplish something, no matter […]

Homeschooling As A Single Mom

I’m homeschooling as a single mom.  What exactly does that look like?  Well, I imagine it looks very different for each single mom who home educates, depending on the amount of child support they receive and how much they have to work to make ends meet. I am one of the lucky single parents who […]

Five Ways to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

As homeschooling parents, we love spending time learning with and teaching our kids. However, home education is a huge responsibility, and we feel that keenly. Symptoms of burnout can sneak up even on veteran homeschoolers. Homeschooling parents can experience a particularly rough season with illness or pregnancy, or children who struggle or who develop bad […]

School Spaces

Want to take a glimpse into the school rooms of other homeschoolers? Here’s your chance to take a tour. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share insight into the spaces they do their schooling. Bonnie – Our Homeschool Room Our homeschool room is our dining room. When it’s time for school, we just pull out […]

10 Tips to Organize Your Homeschool Home

Ten Tips To Get Homeschool Organized

I am a great organizer. At least, I am in my head. My tornado-esque house and school zones would definitely lead you to believe otherwise! I wanted to share 10 ideas that I have found really helped me when I’m on my game and things are running smoothly and easily around our place.   1. […]

Lesson Planning Tools

It’s lesson planning season. So today I thought I’d share all the tools that I find helpful when I’m trying to pull the plans together.   #1. Pinterest. This site is a homeschooler’s planning dream. Basically, it’s a visual search engine and you are much more likely to find great ideas here for just about […]