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Last year we started a Homeschool Swap Group for Canadians on Facebook. We wanted a place where Canadians could go to buy and sell their used curriculum. It is also a place that you can go and ask for advice about what curriculum people may recommend for you. I have found it to be so informative and glad we started it. Currently there are 807 members and it is growing daily. If you get a chance hop on over and check it out. Please just send a bit of information to one of the Administrators so we know it’s not spam and the group is being used for the appropriate reasons.  Below is the description from the group:

“A place for Canadians to post your homeschool curriculum that you are looking to sell. Please include price and where you are located so you can work out shipping charges if necessary. 

Please note, small business ads are not allowed. Thanks for your understanding. 
If you aren’t sure, please ask. 

All spammers will be removed and banned.”


Is there a group where you like to buy and sell your curriculum? If so please share!

Happy Swapping Everyone!



Homeschool Swap Canada on Facebook — 2 Comments

  1. Hi there! So happy I saw this come up on FB. I have a ton of excellent A Beka reader etc.. that are sitting in my basement and I’ve ben wanted to sell them – now I hope I’ve found a way! Looking forward to hearing back when you get a chance. Thanks, Melinda

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