Homeschool Curriculum Consignment Store in Langley, BC!




We at Homeschool Canada are opening up a home based Curriculum Consignment Shop in Langley, where you can……

 Sell your gently used curriculum books and supplies

 Shop for items you may need before paying full price for new.

Benefits of selling your goods with us…… 

 You can declutter your homeschool bookshelves, making room for current items.

 We do the work of selling your books for you.

 You can browse through a selection of used curriculum anytime throughout the year, when you need it, not just when there are conferences and swap meets. (by appointment)

 More people will browse through your supplies and increase your chance of selling them than if they are still on your bookshelf at home.

Items we will accept…… 

 Workbooks

 Children’s/Teens Novels

 Textbooks and Answer Keys

 Educational Puzzles and Games

 Math manipulatives and science kits (no pieces missing unless clearly marked)

 DVD or CD learning programs (as permitted by original suppliers where activitation key is required)

 Visual Aids (posters etc.)

Items we will not accept…… 

 Free online worksheets

 Books that have been significantly altered with pen, marker, scissors, water, etc.

 Books where pages are torn or missing

 Worksheets or curriculum lessons purchased online

We will hold your items for 6 months from the date you bring it to us. You can price your items or leave that to us. At the end of the year, we will return any unsold items to you. We will track your sales and send out cheques three times a year, at the end of September, January and April. You will take home 40% of your total sales.

Contact Deb at to get on board today. We hope to open up for your shopping convenience by June 1st so don’t delay!!!!


Homeschool Curriculum Consignment Store in Langley, BC! — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t know if you follow my blog or facebook page, so I want to make sure everyone knows a date has been set and is almost here. June 1st is the day to post your book and resources, and to share a link on my post so others can follow you. I can’t wait to see what everyone shares!

    Don’t forget to share a link to my page (which will include a link to everyones blogs), so people can find the rest of the links, thanks!

    For more information, check out my FAQ:

    Desiree (Mrs. D)

  2. I was very interested in your service until I read the return on our curriculum…40%!!! Ouch!

    Am I reading this correctly?

    • Hi Jane, Yes you are. You will find other stores offer that amount on return or less. Due to overhead, time, effort, and work we put into the sale of your product we feel it is a fair return. We have a wide customer base as well which is a bonus for sellers.

    • The 40% is a good rate. This is what we would get in college on most books… Some brand new books were worth ZERO in college because the prof decided not to use that text the following year… $80-$90 down the drain… Some books were only worth 25%, even though you bought them brand new, for much the same reason. .. it depended upon the publisher.

      • We were a little skeptical about the rate at first but after all the work we have put into it and the programs we have bought to run it and not to mention our connections we realize it’s a fair rate. Most consignment stores are 40%.

  3. Is the new consignment store going to be available online for families that are further away? And if so is there a website up and running? Thanks :)

    • Hi Rosina, We would love to get it up online but as of now with over 3000 plus products it’s a hard thing to do. However if there is something you are looking for please feel free to contact us at and we can see if we can help you.

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