Middlebury Interactive Languages - French

Middlebury Interactive Languages


What I reviewed: Elementary French Course from Middlebury Interactive Languages What is it? Online language course Who is it for? Variety of courses in multiple languages for grades ranging K – 12 How much is it? $119US per semester Tell me more: Middlebury offers online languages courses in French, Chinese, German and Spanish for students in a variety of grades […]

French Made Easy

French Made Easy


DK Canada’s French Made Easy workbook is based on the Canadian curriculum and is a simple introduction to early French language. Designed for grades 4-5 (ages 8-10), there are 31 lessons/worksheets that cover a variety of topics, such as: Bonjour! Comment tu t’appelles? Les Nombres Dans ma trousse Les adjectifs Les mois de l’annee Quelle […]

C’est La Vie: Word of the Week


Every Friday, CBC Radio podcaster, Bernard St-Laurent and the Word Lady, Johanne Blais do “Word of the Week“, where they discuss one French word, how it’s spelled and examples of every day usage and phrases. There are also clips of other people explaining how they will use that word. Each episode is pretty brief – […]

Hunt N’ Seek Canada – Editions Gladius International


This month’s sponsor is a Canadian game company called Editions Gladius International. Based out of Quebec, this company specializes in creating and selling games that are made here in Canada. One such game is Hunt And Seek Canada. This game is built on many of the things that are quintessentially Canadian – you know, igloos, […]

SmartSeries Books


In 2010, I wrote about the book series, The Complete Canadian Curriculum. At the time, I had just discovered these books (by accident) and thought they’d be a great addition to a Canadian homeschool curriculum. I was recently contacted by the distributor of the series and they let me know all about their expanded collection of […]

On The Mark Publishing


On The Mark Publishing started as S & S publishing by a Canadian primary school teacher named Ruth. She created lots of educational workbooks and materials specifically geared to Canadians. In 2005, the company merged with On The Mark, and today, their website has a HUGE list of Canadian subjects: Similar Resources   Chalkboard Publishing […]

Chalkboard Publishing


I recently went to the local teacher supply store and wandered around with a pen and paper, on the search for Canadian publishers and materials, games and toys. I was sadly disturbed by the lack of these products, but I did find a few great discoveries that I will share with you over the next […]

Peppermint Stick Learning Co.


One of my readers recommended this company and after some research I’m excited to bring to you a Canadian curriculum company called Peppermint Stick Learning Company. Based out of Bracebridge, ON, this homeschooling family of 6 children ranging from infant to jr. high, has developed a curriculum based on the needs of their children and […]

French as a Second Language Resources

French as a Second Language Resources


In Canada, our second language is French. If you are looking for some great games and different ways to bring those language lessons into your home, as well as support for you as the teacher – just check out this list. Websites For Kids: http://fslactivities.ca/kidsplayground/index.html – This website is divided into a listing of other […]