Canadian Homeschool Laws: Alberta

Welcome to Homeschooling in Alberta!

If you want to home educate in Alberta what do you need to do and know?

In Alberta, children who are between the ages of six and sixteen years of age on September 1 must attend school. Choosing to home educate is one of the options as a “school choice”.

In order to be legal and to receive funding (yes in Alberta you can get reimbursed for home education resources you purchase) you need to be registered with a “Willing Non-Resident” School Board by September 30 of the year you are planning to home educate.

What is a Willing Non-Resident School Board or sometimes called an associate board?

A school board that is willing (not all school boards facilitate home education so you need to find one that does, the term that is used for that is “willing”) and non-resident mean it doesn’t need to be in your “school district”, in fact you can register with any board you want to in Alberta. For example if I live in Calgary I could register with a Willing Non-Resident School Board that is out of Edmonton. The newer term for these boards is associate board. Each year you can choose any associate board you want.

In Alberta you also need to know these terms; basic/traditional, blended and fully aligned – and what they mean?

Basic or sometimes referred to as traditional home education is where the parent is fully responsible for the education of their child. That means they are required to use the General Learning Outcomes to determine and deliver their child’s education plan. The board can provide support but the parent delivers (teaches) the entire home education program to their child.

Blended is an option for each individual subject. For example you can be basic/traditional for your entire home education program except for say if you choose to blend Science. By blending Science you agree to follow Alberta’s Program of Studies for Science for whatever grade level you are teaching. The Alberta Program of Studies will detail which topics you are to teach for that grade level and in some cases what curriculum you need to use for those topics, sometimes you can choose but it has to meet all of the requirements stated in the Program of Studies. The law states that the board will deliver the program and may in fact offer “classes” or curriculum for the student to use however parents usually deliver the blended program as well, they just use resources agreed to by the board.

Fully aligned means that you are choosing to follow the Alberta Program of Studies for ALL subjects for whatever grade level you are home educating and that the board will provide the entire program to your child. This could be with printed materials/curriculum or on-line.

To get a better idea of what the General Learning Outcomes and what the Alberta Program of Studies are here is a sample of each?

The General Learning Outcomes is a list (from a-t) that basic/traditional homeschoolers must accomplish over the 12 years (or so) of education of their child. (page 38). Normally you choose 1, 2 or 3 that you want to work on for the year. For example for one year you may just focus on achieving the a) outcome; reading for information, knowledge and enjoyment.

The Alberta Program of Studies has the same general outcomes but each subject is broken down to more specific outcomes and you are given even more details about what you need to achieve for that particular subject. For example if you are blended for Science there will be 5 specific topics for each particular grade level for Science that you will need to achieve. Here is a link so you can see what that looks like. these are the Alberta Program of Studies for Elementary Science topics.

When you register with your chosen board you will sign the official notification form that you are going to home educate. You will indicate if you are choosing the basic/traditional program (General Learning Outcomes) or if you are blending any particular subject(s) and following the Alberta Program of Studies for those subjects).

Then you are responsible to have a minimum of 2 visits (3 or more if you are blended or fully aligned) with your facilitator (usually these happen at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year).

Who is your facilitator? Your facilitator is a certified teacher who is employed with the board you are registered with. Sometimes she is a homeschooler herself that happens to be a certified teacher. On your first visit of the year it is customary to put together an “education plan” for your child. You can write one up yourself or your facilitator can help you do it. This is a “living” document and you are free to change it anytime along the way as many times as you like. This is simply, a “this is what we plan to do” document. At the end of the year meeting you share what you actually did. Sometimes the facilitator will either take their own notes and/or take samples of your child(ren)s work for their files. Please note this is NOT to be a judgment on their part or is it a test that you fail or pass – they are simply recording what learning took place that year in order to meet the reporting requirements of the government.

Some frequently asked questions …and answers.

How much funding do I get and what can I spend my funding on and how do I get reimbursed? The amount of funding you get is determined by the “program” you choose. If you choose basic/traditional you usually get about $700. Blended is anywhere from $900-1200 and fully aligned you can receive as much $1500.00 per child. Please note that each board is different. Some boards only offer basic/traditional while some other boards don’t offer basic/traditional but offer the others – you really do need to be familiar with these terms in order to choose the program you want. Also each board has their own “requirements” of what they expect from a basic/traditional program and a fully-aligned – you need to have this information clearly laid out so that you know what is expected in order to fulfill their reporting requirements for any particular program. You can use the funding for any resources you deem “educational”, except traveling expenses. Again each board may choose to allow/disallow certain receipts so find this out before you spend the money and submit your receipt.

Do I have use certain curriculum? If you are basic/traditional you can use any resources you feel will met your goals/objectives. If you are blended in any particular subject your board will usually have a list of recommended resources to use for that subject that “align” with the Alberta Program of Studies. If you are fully aligned curriculum is usually assigned to you by the board you are registered with.

What if I want to pull my kids out of the public system during the year (i.e. after the September 30 deadline)? You absolutely can do that but you won’t receive any funding because the school you are currently registered with has received that funding and it’s not transferable. You should still contact a homeschooling board and they will do what is called a “rescue” (I know funny term but that is what they call it). They can still help and guide you with what to do for the remainder of the year and get the school files transferred for the following year if you choose to still homeschool with that board the following year, you are also free to go to any other board each year.

I’ve done all the legal stuff now what do I really need to do to do this thing called home schooling?

FIND a local support group (this is not usually a part of your school board but can be….). The school board should provide a good listing of local support groups for you. I can’t stress this enough – although this has nothing to do with the “legal” part of homeschooling it will mean the difference between a successful homeschooling journey versus one where you struggle on your own. If they don’t provide a listing for you, you can find a good listing here or do a search on the internet that is location specific.

Finally please note, the Home Education Regulation which is what governs home education in Alberta is due to expire on August 31, 2013 – so requirements could change at that time, especially since a new School Act is being introduced into the legislative at the time of this writing, the School Act oversees the Home Education Regulation.

My opinion being added here…. Finding a support group is THE most important thing you will do in your home education journey. You will need to have a group of people who can answer your questions and concerns and you and your child will have friends to go on this journey with.

Also I usually recommend to new homeschoolers that they choose to go basic/traditional for at least the first year, until you have your feet wet – it gives you the most flexibility with the least amount of “requirements” and gives you time to learn what works for you and more importantly your child, this takes time.

I hope this helps in you having a successful and enjoyable start on your homeschooling journey!

Complied by: Lori Desrosiers

Lori Desrosiers has been home educating in Alberta for 11 years.  She lives in the middle of everywhere and in the middle of nowhere on her tiny acreage with her husband, two boys and several critters.  She supports home education with her various groups and activities and she believes in supporting home educators through the laughter and the tears and always having really good coffee on hand!


Canadian Homeschool Laws: Alberta — 71 Comments

    • You’d have to check with the school that is in your area. Some do allow that. I would give them a call and see if they can help you set something like that up. -Lee

  1. I’m very interested in homeschooling me child. But I would not like to stop when I started. So, for how long will that be aloud homeschooling, I meet be the low. Is there a point or could whe do that for years? Me little one will turn five in two months.
    And second, do I have to be certified?

  2. I am interested in homeschooling my daughter. I need to know what I need to do to get this started.
    My daughter is in grade 4.
    I would like to start teaching her for grade 5.
    How do I go about this.

  3. im in grade nine this year and i am interseted in switching to home schooling… can i do that? and if so how to i go about doing that?

  4. Hi
    We have has a complicated experiance with public schools. I have been thinking about home schooling for a few years and am now giving serious thought on the matter. You see my son is now in grade 2, he has number of disorders where he needs aid of a professinals. Sadly the public schools can not assist properly with his needs. Infact due to these dissorders he has a major behaviourl problems. So the schools have focused on his behaviour and not his academics. He is now in grade 2 functioning at a kindergarden level. I really want to help my son, is it possible to. take him back to kindergarden through home schooling? The public

    • Sorry it would not let me finish my last sentancs. Which was the public schools keep pushing him forward and he is falling further behind. Any advice would be great, thank you.

    • Yes Lisa, absolutely. The great thing about homeschooling is you can educate your child at any level that is suited for them. Sometimes I forget what grade my kids are in because we just go with what they are learning and their own individualized level rather then what the government thinks they should be at. You can email me to discuss it more if you’d like. -Lee Also lots of support on facebook

  5. Are there standardized tests in Canada either per year or per subject students can take.
    I’d like to have an “official certification” on certain subjets (i.e Biology11) to make sure acceptance in university is not jeopardized.
    Something like distance education for adults or the AP college in US for college level subjects. Thanks,

    • It depends on where you are located Charles but there are different avenues you can take to make sure getting into University isn’t jeopardized. Lots of Universities welcome homeschool students and offer courses to get what you need to go to University. – Lee

  6. I’m living abroad and i want my son to join university of Alberta. Can my son do homeschooling from abroad and get a certificate?

  7. I am thinking about homeschooling my child. My question is, am I allowed to homeschool other children besides my own? Some of my friends/neighbours might be interested in having their children be homeschooled by us at the same time. They don’t want to quit their jobs in order to do it so might want us to homeschool their kids as well.
    Is this allowed?

    • HI Garth, Anyone can educate your child with homeschooling. As long as all the children are registered as homeschoolers it shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. For health reasons, my husband and I are thinking about spending six months in the southern US and the summer months back in Alberta. Are we able to homeschool our children with the Alberta curriculum while we are done in the US?

  9. I’m a US citizen homeschooling in Alberta (not because I want to but because I’m here on a visitor visa that expires 9/14 and found out a week before school started that my kids can’t attend public school). I’m wondering if I should still register my 4 children with the school board (or if I even can?), just because when I go back to the states I want to be sure they get credit for the year they weren’t in school. Do you have any advice about this?

    • I am not sure about this situation, sorry Amy. I am wondering if you have to register with a US Program? There are ones set up for families that do travel and maybe this would be one of those situations. I am surprised you can’t put your children into the public school system there being you are there on a Visa. You can email me at and I can see if we can find some more information on this. -Lee

  10. My 13 year old niece is an AB resident I am a BC resident. Can she do her AB homeschooling if she lives in BC with me for a 6 months?

  11. I have just decided to home school my son for the rest of grade 2 but I’m having issues finding the curriculum information and where I can buy the books he needs. I would like him to leaarn about canada and the metric system so I don’t want to order from the states. Any ideas?

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  13. hi i was wondering if i want to home school i alberta can i get someone else to teach me because my parents are working a lot? if possible were could me and my parents contact?

  14. Hi,

    I have no idea where to begin when it comes to homeschooling. I have been thinking about home schooling my oldest daughter for a while. She’s in grade nine and I believe she is really a a grade seven level. The school just kept moving her on to the next grade regardless of what i wanted. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  15. Hello my name is Heather I recently moved to Edmonton with my two children because of a family crisis! At the moment I am having a hard time finding a home for us to live so we are currently staying with friends. Due to the unseen circumstances my children have been out of school for about two months! Now they are finding it hard to catch up to where the class is and understand the lessons properly. I was hoping you could give me a number to call so I can get information to start homeschooling them!

  16. Is it possible for a certified teacher to teach our child and other registered homeschoolers at her home. Our alternative Christian program has been removed from our public school, and we would like to pay our teacher to teach from her home. How many children can be homeschooled at once.?

  17. Due to some family matters and by agreement with his mother , my son is spending the rest of the school year (April-June 2014) with me. He was attending an elementary school in Airdrie -Alberta and he is currently on 3rd grade.
    I AM IN PERU with him, and I DONT WANT HIM TO FALL BEHIND on his education. I know there are about 10 weeks left of school for him. Is there a way that I can home school him so he finishes third grade? Would he be tested on our return to Canada in June? Where would I find the program to be covered for the remaining of the school year?

  18. Hi my 2 children are currently in the public system but with all the issues we have had with other kids and ours interacting my kids are emotionally drained and they really don’t want to go to school anymore. Is it possible for a parent who barely graduated and one who dropped out to home school effectively? 1 is in kindergarten and the other in grade 2…

    • I want to encourage you not to look at your own schooling experience as a mark of success or failure for homeschooling. Anyone who is willing to put the effort into homeschooling will be able to do it. :) There’s plenty of resources and support to help you along. Plus! A bonus is that you get to learn right along with your child! :)

  19. I am exploring the idea of homeschooling my child and I have a couple questions about accelerating his learning. What are the rules around accelorating his learning (in alberta if that makes a difference). For example finishing high schiool a couple years earlier than his peers. Also for transcripts for post secondary, are there final exams for him to complete to prove proficiency in the subject, is he still required to take the diploma? I am just wondering how the homeschooling experience looks for an extremely bright child.

  20. Hi I am a parent to a 3 year old and a 1 yr old – seriously considering homeschooling. The oldest is attending a pre school program – How do I get info about homeschooling from scratch – I’m looking at starting it when the oldest is 5 – as I will have to quit my job to do this.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m going to pop you an email with a contact out in Alberta who will be able to give you some more information about how to homeschool in that province.

      Other than that – I recommending looking into what your child needs to learn and enjoy a lot of play based learning! They are still wee little ones. Just spend time reading and playing as much as you can. <3

  21. OMG, some people are thinking about homeschooling their children, and they can’t even spell or write correct sentences!!! Beaulah G.

    • Don’t forget, Beaulah, that what you see in comments isn’t always an indication of someone’s ability to provide an education for their children. I, personally, don’t judge people based on their writing or spelling – because I make typos too and occasionally am using my phone where things aren’t always as easy to type as I’d like to be. Plus – people who struggle with spelling and writing can either a) outsource or b) learn right along with their child.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my site.

  22. Hi, I live in Newfoundland with my mom and my dad lives in Alberta. I want to move up there but I do not want to go to a new school, I suggested homeschooling And he said he will look into it and that there is a high chance that it will happen. I was just wondering how would this work, this year I would be starting grade 9. We were looking for an online homeschooling program.

  23. We have two girls supposed to be in Grade 4 an Grade 6 here in BC. My husband works in Alberta and due to the teachers strike we are looking at moving out to him. The job where he is out in Cold Lake right now will be finished in the next few weeks so we are looking at going out to stay with some family in Edmonton until we find out were in Alberta he will be sent to next. Could we enroll in a homeschooling program now and also our children are and have been in French Immersion since Kindergarten, could we do a homeschool program in French Immersion.

    • Hi Allison,

      I’m sorry – I somehow missed your comment! There are a lot of questions here. I’m going to pop you an email and see if we can find you someone to connect with in Alberta to help you get started!

      Lisa Marie.

  24. hello i am not sure if anyone can help me with some answers my wife wants to get her highschool diploma unfortunatly due to some bad experiences in life she was never given thee proper help and attention since she has a very hard time learning we have talked about it and it would be great if i could home school her i am just wondering if that is even possible or if this is something available to people under 19 years of age thank you

  25. Hi
    We are considering home schooling. I am somewhat confused as to what the outreach programs are and if they are the same as home schooling or what the differences are?
    As well who do we contact to register and what funding is available?
    Thank you

  26. Hi, I have a 15 year old step daughter that chose to leave home and live with her 18 yr old boyfriend…long story.
    She is living on her own, working full-time, but she still wants to get her education( grade 10 currently). We enrolled her two weeks ago in Beyond Walls run by the Prairie Rose Division. I received a call last week from the principle and counsellor at her former school, telling me because she is 15 she must be enrolled in a regular school. I am interested in knowing if home schooling could be an option for us, as she refuses to attend conventional school due to her work schedule?
    Her attendance at conventional school the last 3 years( before we were given guardianship) has averaged 255 missed classes per year. Unfortunately we cannot undo the damage done by her prior living arrangement, but we would like her to be successful from this point forward. Enrollement in conventional school is only setting her up for failure in every area of her life.

    Thank you,

  27. Hi,
    I am planning to home school my children next year. Will I be able to register all 4 for the same year?
    Their ages range from 11 down to 4.5.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I think you are free to take all your kids out whenever you’d like and start homeschooling as you want! However, I popped you an email to connect you with a homeschooling expert in AB.

  28. Hi, I am an Indonesian and my husband is Canadian (he’s from Alberta), we live in Indonesia. We have 2 boys, 5 and 2 years old and they both have Indonesian and Canadian nationalities. I have a desire to do homeschooling in 2015, my oldest is attending a Kindergarten class this year. I am wondering how to do homeschooling with Canadian curriculum from Indonesia. And what support that we possibly can get from here? This is all new to me, I really need help to understand more about homeschooling my kids. Your help will be appreciated… Thank you.

  29. I have been Homeschooling my daughter through the same Board here in Calgary for the last three year. This year would be year four. I was informed that the last day for returning student to re-enrol for the 2014-2015 school year is September 30, 2014. I attempted to re-enrol my 9 yr. old daughter on September 30th online, but was unable to do so because the “Parent Locker Accounts,” from last year were deactivated too early, as I was informed the following day (October 1st) via email by someone from the technical support Help desk, which I contacted minutes after attempting to access my account. This individual informed me that all I need to do is create a new account online and register my daughter. So that’s exactly what I did. I received a call 5 days later (October 6th) informing me that my child’s registration was not approved because it was created on October 1st, and that the application would be deleted.I was also given contact information for the principal to appeal to. I spoke to the principal today (October 7th) which informed me that they will not accept my daughter back because the registration was completed on the 1st of October. I pleaded with him and explained that it was not my fault the accounts from last year were deactivated too early, but he maintained that there’s nothing he can do. What would you say is the best action for me to take now? Can a School Board refuse to re enrol a child even though we did nothing wrong? I am concerned about my daughter not be “registered.” Any feedback or suggestion would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  30. Thankfully the principal’s assistance just called on his behalf to notify me that my daughter’s registration has now been approved. I am relieved that I don’t have to take any further action at this point to resolve the issue. Thank you for all the help and support you give to those with Homeschooling issues and concerns. I am glad I discovered this site even though my issue was resolved before you had an opportunity to respond. Thanks again!

  31. I see as posted above that a child has to be 6 on September 1st to qualify for funding with a HS board. What happens in the case where a child turns 6 in October or November of the current school year? Do they have to wait until the following school year when they will be turning 7 to start register with a board and begin legally homeschooling? I am in Edmonton Alberta.

    • Hi Wen,

      I asked about this in our facebook group and got the following answers:

      “Legally you have to register a child if they are 6 by September 1st. If your child doesn’t turn 6 you can wait until the next year to register them (which we did with our oldest) but you can get funding for them if they are registered in grade 1.”

      “Funding is cut off on September 30th by the Alberta government. That is the last day schools will receive funds from the Alberta government for the families enrolled and therefore they will not have further funding to disperse to late registering families. There are no exceptions. I believe children must be 6 years of age by February 28th of the school year to register with a board for grade 1.”

      I hope that helps.

  32. I am excited to find this page and want to congratulate all of you on your homeschooling decisions. We are in year three of homeschool and love it. My best advice is this: 1) find a good school board. For example, The Centre for Learning at Home is fantastic and very academic based, whereas Argyll is a better fit for those who choose to unschool.
    2) View curriculum if you can, prior to ordering it. It is very difficult to tell online how a program will be set up.
    Happy homeschooling!
    (I am starting a blog: Perfectly Hapy in an Inperfect World on blogspot. Would love to see you there!)

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