Art Tango

While I was trying to figure out what exactly we would try for art this year, I stumbled across an art lesson plan website called Art Tango


Offering a complete set of 30 lessons for each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 5, using tools that most people should be able to find either in their arts and craft box or at least easily at a supply store – the lessons cover elements of art like:

  • colour theory
  • lines
  • patterns
  • symmetry
  • texture
  • a variety of mediums: crayons, pencils, watercolour, oil pastels, etc.
  • art appreciation
  • and much more.

Explaining the lesson in detail for the teacher to be able to lead students, you can also take an overview and see a complete material list for each lesson – which makes prep work super easy.

The website also offers some great information on the whys and hows behind teaching art, as well as a great glossary to help non-artists (such as myself) understand the terminology used.

I’m excited to give this set of lessons a try.

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  • by Alison Posted April 21, 2015 1:40 pm

    I stumbled upon that website a short while ago and was wondering if it would be a good fit for us. I hope you post about your experiences using it, I’m quite curious!

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