Adding Physical Education and Health Lessons to our Homeschool

Getting physical education and health lessons into our homeschooling days can be a challenge. This month the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their suggestions on how to include phys.ed and health lessons to your homeschool.

Homeschool Phys. Ed & Health

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Jennifer – 15 Easy and Exciting Indoor Physical Education Ideas

Whether it’s pouring rain, cold, or scorching hot, weather often impacts our physical education plans. We could have scheduled a nature walk or a trip to the playground, but a shift in weather systems can foil our activities. Here are various physical education exercises that you can do indoors!

Annette – Team or Individual Sports

I don’t know if you are like me and not really into “doing phys ed”, so while I understand the importance of phys ed, it’s not high on my list of priorities. How is it for you?

Lisa – Physical Education & Health

This is probably one of my favourite “subjects”… although we don’t practice it as a subject but a way of life.

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